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The Central Coast Eco Green

Central Coast in New South Wales is one of the most splendid regions in Australia that is home to many beautiful sites. It's a region that is blessed with countless natural resources that have to be preserved to keep the region unique and environmentally friendly. Many businesses in the region have embraced Eco Green to preserve the natural resources and enhance the beauty of the region. In this article, we will look at some of the outstanding businesses in the region that contribute to Eco Green.

1. The Green Living Marketplace

The Green Living Marketplace is a Central Coast-based business that supports the local community to consume local, organic, and eco-friendly products. It's a marketplace that connects local suppliers and consumers who share the same interests in organic and eco-friendly products. The Green Living Marketplace has numerous benefits, including access to quality and fresh products, reduced carbon footprint due to minimal transportation, support of the local economy, and reduction of plastic waste.

Contact: Phone- (02) 4322 0000 Email-info@thegreenlivingmarketplace.com.au

2. Clean Energy Australia

Clean Energy Australia is an organisation that provides sustainable energy solutions to the people of Central Coast. They supply solar panels, battery storage, and solar hot water systems that are affordable and accessible to the local community. Clean Energy Australia is determined to help reduce carbon emissions, lower energy bills, and provide reliable and clean energy solutions to homeowners and businesses in the region.

Contact: Phone- 1300 335 682 Email- info@cleanenergyaustralia.com.au

3. The Naked Chicken Co.

The Naked Chicken Co. is a Central Coast-based business that produces organic and free-range chicken products. They are committed to providing premium-quality chicken that is free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. They are also environmentally conscious and use eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce waste and plastic pollution.

Contact: Phone- 0423 126 507 Email- thenakedchickenco@gmail.com

4. Apex Tree Services

Apex Tree Services is an eco-friendly tree maintenance business that offers expert advice and quality tree care services. They aim to preserve the natural beauty of Central Coast by providing environmentally sustainable tree pruning, removal, and maintenance services. Apex Tree Services also offers clients detailed tree reports that assist in the development of preservation and maintenance plans.

Contact: Phone- 02 4392 2950 Email- info@apextreeservices.com.au

5. Native Habitat Landscapes

Native Habitat Landscapes is a Central Coast landscaping business that specialises in the creation and restoration of indigenous natural habitats. They work closely with local communities, councils, and private landowners to build sustainable landscapes that serve as habitats for native flora and fauna. Additionally, their services help in soil conservation and erosion control, aiding the preservation of the natural resources in Central Coast.

Contact: Phone- 0417 033 307 Email- info@nativehabitat.com.au

6. Bioenergetic Wellness

Bioenergetic Wellness is a well being company that operates on Eco Green principles. They provide non-invasive wellness programs, detox programs, and aromatherapy products to their clients. Bioenergetic Wellness believes in the preservation of the environment and helps their clients to live a healthy lifestyle by providing high-quality organic and chemical-free products.

Contact: Phone- 0415 837 520 Email- info@bioenergeticwellness.net

7. Nourishing Life

Nourishing Life is a Central Coast-based nutrition and wellness service that helps their clients to lead healthy lifestyles. They provide nutrition advice, meal planning services, and organic supplements. Nourishing Life is environmentally conscious, and they source their products from eco-friendly companies that align with sustainable principles.

Contact: Phone- 0418 238 297 Email- info@nourishinglife.com.au


The businesses above are some of the leading contributors to Eco Green in the Central Coast region. They offer a plethora of benefits to the community, including the reduction of carbon footprint, waste reduction and management, the provision of sustainable energy solutions, soil conservation, habitat conservation, and preservation, and promoting the consumption of eco-friendly, organic, and chemical-free products. The list is not exhaustive, and there are many other remarkable businesses in the region that contribute to eco-friendliness. It's the responsibility of all residents and businesses in Central Coast to embrace Eco Green to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the region.

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